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Weight Loss Benefits

The greatest continuing motivation to lose weight, if you are overweight, comes from considering the benefits of doing so. These include a boost in morale and feelings of well-being. There is also a decreased likelihood of illness or developing obesity. The overweight often have a feeling of despair, or even self-contempt. Perhaps they have many failed diets behind them. Diets on which they lost a lot of weight – only to put it all back on again quite soon after. So, there are many benefits in bringing your weight back to a healthy level if you are overweight or obese. If you have doubts as to whether your motivation will last, write out all the benefits of losing weight. Pin a copy on the fridge door.

Weight loss benefits and an apple a day

Could get tedious after first week!

Probably one of the biggest myths connected with losing weight is that it´s a form of torture, in which you go hungry nearly all the time. Not so, though it is partly a question of adjusting what you consume. Give a little thought to your diet. Cut out or drastically reduce most of the high-calorie foods. replace them with foods that you will find more nutritious and tasty, once you get used to the change. If every now and then you slip, in a restaurant or having a meal at a friend´s, it really doesn´t matter. Tomorrow you´ll be back to your own normal better menu.

The following are some of the risks of being overweight – and of some of the benefits of losing the excess weight:

The overweight and obese have an increased risk of the following conditions:

Type 2 diabetes;  high blood pressure;  heart disease and stroke;  certain types of cancer; snoring and sleep apnoea; osteoarthritis;  non-alcoholic fatty liver disease;  pregnancy problems;  reduced sex drive and fertility;  stress, anxiety and depression;  gall stones; indigestion

If you are overweight or obese and you deliberately lose  weight to come back to a healthy normal weight, then you will substantially  reduce the chances of contracting any of the above conditions.

Weight loss benefits are tremendous for those who are overweight or obese. Benefits are to health, to probable life- expectancy  longevity and to self-esteem.

Weight loss benefits include:

  • You will feel more alert, brighter  –  you will have a lot more energy. When you get out of bed in the morning, you will feel awake!  If you play any sports, you will play better  All sounds like gross exaggeration,  but it´s not  –  it´s what I and countless others have experienced when we have deliberately lost weight.
  • Your self-confidence will be improved.  You´ll be close to looking and feeling at your best.
  • Standard life insurance premiums, as opposed to the higher rates paid by the overweight and obese.
  • Ability to exercise more easily  –  it can be hard for the obese to exercise or to enjoy doing it.
  • Reduced expenses  –  if you eat less, you buy less food.
  • Your spouse will be subconsciously influenced to pay attention to diet as well.
  • Work benefits  –  someone who looks as though they take care of themselves is noticed at work, it has also been demonstrated that the overweight and obese find it harder to get a job.  Your self-confidence is likely to be improved there too.
  • If you are presently merely overweight, then by getting your weight back to a healthy amount now, you will reduce the risk of obesity later on.

Follow our Action Plan and you will lose weight  –  you will reach the weight you want to be and then stay there.

Weight Loss Plan is here.

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