Lose weight action plan

Made it!

Action Plan to Lose Weight

Right at the beginning, you should check to see whether you are overweight and, if so, how much. You can do that here:  Am I Overweight?



When you should see a doctor first

In the event that you are significantly overweight – by more than 15 pounds, say, – you should not embark on a diet or exercise program without seeing your doctor first. If your doctor does not consider that he/she has the right experience for advising on this subject, they will certainly be able to recommend a doctor who does. All of this should cost zero in most countries now-a-days and is important. In the event that you are very overweight, or obese, then you should absolutely certainly visit your doctor before starting on a weight reduction plan, which will involve some changes to your diet and also some exercise.  

Let´s get started!

The first step is to decide how much weight needs to be lost.

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