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how to lose weight with the right diet

That´s how we want our weight to trend. Now let´s find a diet!

How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

There are thousands of diets, all trying to tell us how to lose weight. Overweight or obese people are all looking for diets that work  and often they have already tried many of them. In a sense, nearly all diets do work.  They have different rationales behind them, but they mostly involve consuming less calories, though few of them describe themselves as calorie-reduction diets. Certainly, if you take in fewer calories than you consume, you will lose weight.

There is, though, a difficulty choosing a diet that will work.

Most Diets Do Not Work Long-Term

how to lose weight without starvation

Did I tell you about my diet?

Most diets do not work in the longer term.  Unless, of course, you are willing to start a diet and stay on it for life. This would often be unhealthy, as you could be missing out on foods that your body needs.

There are well-documented studies showing that in the longer term 80% to  95% of diets are failures. Dieters usually put back all the weight they have lost and more. Surprising as this is, studies have suggested that on finishing their diets, or even before, many dieters have gone back to the the habits that caused them to put on weight in the first place. Additionally, it seems that there are mechanisms in our brains that push us to regain any weight we have lost while on diet.

There are, though, a few diets that can work for most people, both to reduce weight and to maintain post-diet weight. These are lifestyles, rather than simple diets – lifestyles that incorporate eating the right amounts of healthy and delicious food.

It has become obvious that the only way to lose weight permanently, for most people,  is by making modest lifestyle changes.

Life-Style Diets

Losing weight painlessly involves skipping most of the well-known diets. They can help to lose weight short-term, but eventually almost everyone who has lost weight with one of these diets, puts it all back on again.  Manufactured special diet-foods can also be forgotten. They are usually expensive and certainly do not constitute a new way of life.

How to lose weight with delicious food

Delicious healthy food

Diets that are good for losing weight and then maintaining the reduced weight are diets which involve mainly healthy “natural” food. Consumption of manufactured or junk food is minimised , as most of these foods are not only fattening but, often, unhealthy too. These are diets that are excellent for losing weight, without draconian restrictions..  With these diets you will not usually feel hungry while your weight is coming down and you will naturally and easily maintain your new reduced weight after the diet.

More details on a Natural Diet that will be part of your new lifestyle here.

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