Calories in Alcohol

Calories in alcohol are fattening

“Your 120 calories, sir!”

 Calories in Alcohol

Calories in alcohol, including this lovely beerThe effects of moderate alcohol consumption  on the human body is open to dispute. Some experts say that even small amounts of alcohol are bad for you, while others say that a drink or two every day is good for most people. Certainly, there are calories in alcohol. Sometimes quite a lot of them and these can make you put on weight over time. The British government recently issued new guidelines for alcohol consumption, in which they recommend a total of no more than 14 units of alcohol a week for both sexes. (A “unit” is a single drink of a standard strength spirit like whisky or brandy or a glass of wine. A pint of normal-strength beer is 3 units.) Binge drinking is out and they also recommend several totally alcohol-free days a week.

There is one alcoholic drink that, as well as alcohol, does contain some real nutrients. Beer! More on this here.

There´s no need to give up, or drastically cut,  alcohol for ever, though it might be good for your health if you did.  Just give up or drastically cut consumption until your diet is finished. A drink when you reach your target weight can be an extra reward, something to look forward to! Do not, though, believe the people who say that alcohol does not cause you to put on weight. A few of them even go as far as to suggest that alcohol can help in weight reduction – which is ridiculous. Alcohol is, for most people, fattening because it contains a lot of calories and it does not usually cut appetite for food, though it may increase desire for junk food. Also, it can easily become addictive – something that little by little we come to depend on.

Calories in Alcohol – Some Common Drinks

The following shows the number of calories in “standard” quantities of common alcoholic drinks. Mixers, such as tonic water or orange juice increase the calorie count of alcoholic drinks substantially, just as do little tit-bits like peanuts to go with the drink!


Draught beer1 pint180
Lager1 pint180
Red or white wineAvg. size 5 oz.125
Champagne4 oz.85
Sherry3,6 oz.160
Port3,6 oz.165
Whisky/whiskey, gin, rum, brandyPub double - 50 ml120
Sweet liqueur50 ml.120
MartiniAverage serving160
BacardiAverage serving120
MargaritaAverage serving170
Bloody MaryAverage serving120
Gin and tonicSingle120
Gin and tonicDouble175

Images courtesy of:   pixabay