My Interest in Diets

My Interest in Diets

My interest in diets and how to lose weight and, importantly, how to keep the weight off after, started a few years ago when I put on 20 pounds over my normal weight. I began researching on the internet and found it very very confusing! There were a lot of credible doctors and other relevant professionals, all busy contradicting one another  –  low-carb diets, low-cal diets, low glycemic-index diets, semi-starvation diets and loads and loads of diets that I regarded as ridiculous. All very fine to lose weight by eating only hay, but what do you do afterwards? Anyway, a lot of the fad diets were in reality just low.carb or low-cal diets, which when you look at them are not so different.  Certainly, it´s likely if you drastically reduce your calorie consumption that you will lose weight, but what is healthy and sustainable also has to be taken into account.

What´s the best weight loss plan?

I ended up by putting together my own diet plan, from the most sensible ideas I could find on the internet. I also talked to a couple of doctors whom I knew and they both told me that medical training included very little on weight or obesity. Telling people to go and see their regular doctor for advice on how to lose weight would not be much better than asking their next door neighbour.

Success! I lost 20 pounds quite easily!

I lost the 20 pounds and had a little bit of a struggle for a while not to lose more. I´ve stayed at about my reduced weight now for several years, with no problems doing so. As a consequence, people asked me for details of how I had lost the weight so quickly and easily  –  and most of them found that doing the same thing enabled them to do likewise.